Tax Audit

When you are faced with a tax audit, it is easy to become overwhelmed with panic and stress. However, it is in your best interest to not panic. Instead, you will want to remain calm and hire an experienced tax lawyer who you will be able to depend upon to help you through the process.

At J. DiMauro Law, we are prepared to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We understand that dealing with tax controversies such as a tax audit can be stressful. As your tax lawyers, we have the necessary skills to help you during your income or sales tax audit and achieve a positive outcome.

What is a Tax Audit?

Essentially, a tax audit is an in-depth investigation conducted by the IRS. The IRS conducts audits to determine if individuals, businesses or other organizations are paying the correct amount of taxes. If an individual, business or other organization has neglected to pay in the correct amount in taxes, the IRS will perform an audit to determine if the negligence was a simple mistake or an attempt at tax evasion. In either case, the party in question will be audited.

What Happens in a Tax Audit?

During a tax audit, a team of accountants and fact finders will be tasked with going through all of your records to determine if you underpaid your taxes. These auditors will be looking for discrepancies between what you have paid and what you owe. A common area they will look at is tax write-offs. It is not uncommon for some write-offs to not qualify, thus resulting in additional taxes needing to be paid in to the IRS.

Because the auditors will be using tax code to assess your taxes, the assistance of an experienced tax lawyer will be beneficial. Your tax lawyer will be able to help you successfully navigate through the entire audit process. The tax lawyers at J. DiMauro Law have experience in all areas of tax controversy and have successfully represented clients before the IRS. We will use all of our skills to help you achieve a successful outcome from your tax audit.

Our other tax controversy representation includes civil or criminal fraud allegations, collections, litigation and resolutions.

If you are facing a tax audit or other tax controversy, contact us today to find out how we can help.