Tax Controversies

Dealing with tax controversies can be extremely stressful. We understand the pressure you are under as you face legal issues with tax controversies. As your lawyers, we have the skills that are necessary to minimize your tax liabilities. We will play an important role during income or sales tax audits, collection enforcements or in developing strategies to compromise tax liabilities.

We offer full tax law consultancy across the following areas:

  • Audits
  • Civil or criminal fraud allegations
  • Collections
  • Appeals
  • Litigation and resolutions

When you are facing these complex and often time sensitive tax controversies, you will need to hire a tax attorney. At J. DiMauro Law, we have experience in all areas of tax controversy and have successfully represented clients before the Internal Revenue Service. When you are dealing with tax controversies, you need an experienced lawyer with strong litigation skills. Whether you are dealing with an income or sales tax audit, collection enforcements or facing litigation, we use all of our skills and resources to help you achieve a successful outcome.

Our team of lawyers will thoroughly look at the complexities of the problems you are facing with an IRS tax controversy. Once we have carefully analyzed the controversy, we will develop strategies to help determine the best course of action when you respond to the IRS. We are here to advise you on the most cost-effective solutions while resolving your tax controversies. Throughout the process, we will be working to anticipate and prepare strategies in the event that you may face litigation.

If you’re facing tax controversies with the IRS, contact us today. We’re here to help you quickly resolve your problems.