Tax Problem

Working through tax problems can be very stressful. We understand the pressure you are under as you face tax problems. As your tax lawyers, we are prepared to help you minimize your tax liabilities. We play a vital role in helping you resolve your tax problems whether you are facing audits, civil or criminal fraud allegations, collections, appeals or litigation and resolutions.

When you are faced with complicated and time sensitive tax problems, you need to hire a tax attorney. At J. DiMauro Law, we are experienced in all areas of tax problems. We’ve successfully represented our clients before the Internal Revenue Service and are ready to use our full set of resources to work towards a successful outcome.

A few of the common tax problems our clients face include:

Tax Audits

An audit it a review performed by the IRS of an individual’s or organization’s accounts and financial records in order to determine if the individual or organization is filing correctly based on the tax laws. We understand how stressful an income tax or sales tax audit can be for our clients and take every step necessary to ensure a positive outcome.

Civil or Criminal Fraud Allegations

When you are dealing with civil or criminal fraud allegations, you need a lawyer you can trust to represent you before the IRS. At J. DiMauro Law, we have extensive experience with helping our clients through both civil and criminal matters with the IRS. We are prepared to represent individuals, businesses, estates, partnerships, corporations and international taxpayers who are facing civil or criminal matters with the IRS.


The collections process with the IRS is very complex and can become overwhelming for people. If you are facing a tax collections problem with the IRS, then you can rely on us to help you achieve a positive outcome that both you and the IRS can accept.

No matter what tax problems you are facing, our team of lawyers will take an in depth approach to solving your IRS tax controversy. After careful analysis of the controversy, we develop strategies to determine the best course of action for you to respond to the IRS. We are here to advise you throughout the process so you can take advantage of the most cost-effective solutions to resolve your tax problems. At J. DiMauro Law, we are always working to prepare strategies in anticipation of potential litigation.

Contact us today if you are facing tax problems with the IRS. We are prepared to help you through each step of the process.